Enough Is Enough: Village Calls Golden Dawn To Protect Them From Gypsy Hate Crimes – Συμπαράσταση της Χρυσής Αυγής στην Τραπεζοντή Λακωνίας για την εγκληματικότητα των Ρομά

The incompetence and indifference of local police have caused citizens of Trapezonti Laconia (near Sparta) to seek support from the people’s protectors, Golden Dawn.  Gypsy violence, sex attacks, and theft has plagued the beautiful town, with its most vulnerable citizens such as women, the elderly and children, afraid to leave their homes. Community leaders contacted Golden Dawn division Sparta  to stand up for them, as democrats are too concerned about offending the EU canonized Gypsies, or simply too lazy to make the town hospitable for its citizens.

The meeting began with local towns folk speaking about various crimes, ranging from petty to vicious, they or their neighbors have suffered. With the economic implosion, citizens seek to at least preserve the picturesque beauty of their town, but gypsies refuse to abide by even the most basic and easy to follow sanitation standards, which hurts the pride of the community.

After the speeches, citizens of all ages made their voices heard in a peaceful yet firm demonstration to the gypsies and the police, that Greeks will defend themselves against predators.   The humanitarian Greek Left, speaking from their rich gated communities, reacted hysterically to Golden Dawn taking up an important issue they dismiss and conservatives ignore.  The community and Golden Dawn Sparta are organizing a plan for safety patrols.

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